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the story of FFMUP:

Starting 2003, the sounds of random encounters, artistic meetings, and chance happenings, and happy accidents came to Princeton University. Founded by Newton Armstrong, FFMUP has been curated over the years by the likes of : Scott Smallwood, Seth Cluett, Jascha Narveson, & Michael Early. They brought all manner of the fantastic and wonderful in contemporary music to the small(ish) college town that is Princeton NJ. In the form of noise, improvisation, electronics, & acoustic mishmash, all manner of great between-the-cracks music was heard & made. FFMUP is currently curated by Charity Chan.

Several Tuesday evenings each semester, FFMUP brings to the campus and local community the musical experiments of local musicians, various Princeton folk, and visiting artists. Concerts are hosted by Terrace, an undergraduate eating club in Princeton, and the atmosphere is an informal setting for people to respectfully encounter musical adventures.

The upcoming 2009-10 year features an exciting line-up of musicians from near and far, including: Iceland, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and Japan. That is, in addition to performances by local musicians Cameron Britt, Ryan Brown, Seth Cluett, Harrison Frye, Kenta Nagai, Joshua Schnable, Raymond Weitekamp, and Philip White.

Located only about an hour or so from both New York City and Philadelphia, FFMUP promises a series of truly impossible encounters.

All shows are @ Terrace, 62 Washington St. Princeton NJ, and start at 9 PM unless indicated otherwise.

All concerts are free and open to the Princeton community and public!

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